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New video blogging: Emily’s Tech Talk

The word vlog is just bizarre; I prefer video blog, though that’s still odd. (Now I’m thinking about subject headings–perhaps that will be next! I know there’s Internet videos…)

Anyway, my latest adventure, “Emily’s Tech Talk” goes live! I’ve posted the first episode on my YouTube page and figure that I will start out by walking through social media and its professional and personal uses, what I like and dislike. First up, Google+, which I’ve titled the episode for it “Google Minus” and explain in under 3 minutes why I don’t use it.

Did you like it? Comments, suggestions? I’ve got plans for a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress ones in mind. Anything else that you’d like to see covered? Perhaps I’ll do one on Code Academy!

Remember, these are only my opinions. 🙂


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