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Emily’s Tech Talk Episode 5: Mini, iPad Mini (review)

I recently purchased an iPad mini and have created a video review for those of you who are undecided about purchasing one or want to know more!

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Emily’s Tech Talk Episode 4 : Pin it! Social media for the masses

This episode covers the hot, new social media website Pinterest that has women captivated and pinning all sorts of projects, advice, recipes, and wants. I cover what it is, who uses the site, and how to get the best out of it. After the video, look for links to all the cutaway clips and graphics featured in the episode plus additional information that you’ll find useful. And until next time, stay techie!

Links featured in the episode:

USA Today article          Business Journal article              Techi article                WebProNew infographic

Reddit about Pinterest         Huffington Post 27 Best Boards List         Emily Flynn (readwritelib) on Pinterest

Additional resources:

Because I couldn’t cover everything, my friends at the wonderful LiTTech podcast covered social media use in libraries, and especially Pinterest, in their two latest podcasts (audio). Episode #39 (show notes) discusses summer reading programs at public libraries and they touch on how to use Pinterest to help plan crafts and other activities, while episode #38 (show notes) covers how to use social media for professional development and looks at a whole range of different websites including Pinterest.

While I didn’t use this, very cool blog post from explaining what Pinterest is by honing in on what it isn’t–very smart and well done! Worth the read!

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Emily’s Tech Talk Episode 3: Lock down and light up your LinkedIn

Emily’s Tech Talk episode 3: Password breach and how it affects LinkedIn

ALA Annual in Anaheim is this week! In the video I say “next week” because I thought I’d get it up this weekend. Alas, here it is. ALA Annual runs from June 21-26, 2012. A large mass of librarians will descend on Anaheim for a meeting of the minds! And if you are going, one more thing to remember as you prepare and pack for the event is to make sure your online self if ready too, namely LinkedIn.

As important as business cards and resumes, your online presence is something that matters greatly and what is found online about you can impact your work and job search. So, update any of your websites and professional blogs or personas. The easiest and probably most widely used social media tool for this is LinkedIn.

Last week, they were infamously in the news media for their password breach that didn’t result in any confirmed account breaches but it has caused a call for changing and improving passwords as well as warning against bad passwords. Being a Millennial, I have the art of passwords down pat and use a variety of levels and variations based on the importance of the site to me. All these links are used in the video above as the cutaways.

Hope this helps! And please track me down at ALA Annual 2012 if you go, follow me on twitter, or keep up with my blog as I post about all the different sessions I attend and the conference in general. Until next time, stay techie!

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Emily’s Tech Talk Episode 2: Tweet, tweet!

Emily’s Tech Talk, episode 2: Twitter is what you make of it

Since I only worked three days last week, I didn’t see as many subject headings as I normally do and none stood out. So, time for another episode of Tech Talk, still making the rounds of social media. Enjoy!

This episode is just under 5 minutes but I cover a lot of ground. Do you like this length or the under 3 minutes better?

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New video blogging: Emily’s Tech Talk

The word vlog is just bizarre; I prefer video blog, though that’s still odd. (Now I’m thinking about subject headings–perhaps that will be next! I know there’s Internet videos…)

Anyway, my latest adventure, “Emily’s Tech Talk” goes live! I’ve posted the first episode on my YouTube page and figure that I will start out by walking through social media and its professional and personal uses, what I like and dislike. First up, Google+, which I’ve titled the episode for it “Google Minus” and explain in under 3 minutes why I don’t use it.

Did you like it? Comments, suggestions? I’ve got plans for a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress ones in mind. Anything else that you’d like to see covered? Perhaps I’ll do one on Code Academy!

Remember, these are only my opinions. 🙂


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