Publications and Projects


[Update in progress]

Flynn, Emily Alinder, “Open Access Metadata, Catalogers, and Vendors: The Future of Cataloging Records,” Journal of Academic Librarianship. Special January open access issue: 39, no. 1, 29-33, (January 2013). Author-accepted manuscript: PDF. Final version also available at ResearchGate.

Flynn, Emily A. “ALA Anaheim 2012: Transforming our Libraries Ourselves.” Cataloging and Classification Quarterly 50, no. 8. (2012).

Several articles in Lawrence University’s college, and fully student-run, newspaper The Lawrentian, on which I also served numerous editor positions over the years, ending as Managing Editor. (If the online archives work again, I will post links when I can.)


At ProQuest, I served on the Library Volunteer Program Committee and acted as a project coordinator as well as the webmaster for all the project wiki pages.

image ProQuest Library Volunteer Program main wiki page
ProQuest LVP project page for the Canton Public Library that I coordinated


As Faculty Bibliography Research Assistant, I researched publication information, designed layout and format, and coded these websites for each of the University of Michigan Law Professors along with my co-worker and with the input of our supervisor. I used HTML and viewed the source code when working to ensure consistent formatting for all the webpages for the professors.

Law Library Faculty Bibliography webpages (University of Michigan) I worked on them during 2009-2011

webpage screenshot image Law professor’s online bibliography with links to works and full texts when available

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