Publications and Projects


Flynn, Emily Alinder, “Open Access Metadata, Catalogers, and Vendors: The Future of Cataloging Records,” Journal of Academic Librarianship. Special January open access issue: 39, no. 1, 29-33, (January 2013). Author-accepted manuscript: PDF. Final version also available at ResearchGate.

Flynn, Emily A. “ALA Anaheim 2012: Transforming our Libraries Ourselves.” Cataloging and Classification Quarterly 50, no. 8. (2012).

Several articles in Lawrence University’s college, and fully student-run, newspaper The Lawrentian, on which I also served numerous editor positions over the years, ending as Managing Editor. (If the online archives work again, I will post links when I can.)


At ProQuest, I served on the Library Volunteer Program Committee and acted as a project coordinator as well as the webmaster for all the project wiki pages.


ProQuest Library Volunteer Program main wiki page

ProQuest LVP project page for the Canton Public Library that I coordinated


As Faculty Bibliography Research Assistant, I researched publication information, designed layout and format, and coded these websites for each of the University of Michigan Law Professors along with my co-worker and with the input of our supervisor. I used HTML and viewed the source code when working to ensure consistent formatting for all the webpages for the professors.

Law Library Faculty Bibliography webpages (University of Michigan) I worked on them during 2009-2011

webpage screenshot image

Law professor’s online bibliography with links to works and full texts when available


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