Emily’s Tech Talk Episode 4 : Pin it! Social media for the masses

18 Jul

This episode covers the hot, new social media website Pinterest that has women captivated and pinning all sorts of projects, advice, recipes, and wants. I cover what it is, who uses the site, and how to get the best out of it. After the video, look for links to all the cutaway clips and graphics featured in the episode plus additional information that you’ll find useful. And until next time, stay techie!

Links featured in the episode:

USA Today article          Business Journal article              Techi article                WebProNew infographic

Reddit about Pinterest         Huffington Post 27 Best Boards List         Emily Flynn (readwritelib) on Pinterest

Additional resources:

Because I couldn’t cover everything, my friends at the wonderful LiTTech podcast covered social media use in libraries, and especially Pinterest, in their two latest podcasts (audio). Episode #39 (show notes) discusses summer reading programs at public libraries and they touch on how to use Pinterest to help plan crafts and other activities, while episode #38 (show notes) covers how to use social media for professional development and looks at a whole range of different websites including Pinterest.

While I didn’t use this, very cool blog post from explaining what Pinterest is by honing in on what it isn’t–very smart and well done! Worth the read!

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