Happy National Library Week!

12 Apr

This week was National Library Week. To celebrate, ProQuest offered free access to some of their most used databases and resources, along with giving away donations to libraries. Sweet deal, for sure!

My blog post proclaiming libraries were a stable necessity in society embraces the spirit of NLW. Twitter, blogs, and local library webpages have commemorated this week as well, encouraging people to use their libraries and enumerating how they celebrated this week.

However, next week Harvard Library Strategic Conversations will host a debate to determine if libraries are obsolete. Who knew we needed this debate? Although, some people must think that it’s about time. After my previous blog post, we all know which side I fall on–I’m just amused that I made my post last night before I saw the information about this debate. It should be good and I hope they post a full video afterwards! If you do visit the above site, the embedded clip there is from a 2007 debate and not the Harvard one, which is scheduled for April 18, 2012; if you are around there, you should go and listen then vote!

Libraries definitely need more attention and use, which essentially comes down to the librarians themselves and marketing plus providing wanted services. Many libraries already do a super job but it is now more than ever that we should all be much more vocal about libraries and their great offerings.

On that note, I’m learning to love RDA, a way to be vocal within libraries as catalogers. I blogged about looking past RDA not long ago, but having looked into it, while not perfect, it’s definitely an interesting turn for cataloging that could be spectacularly beneficial. An official member now of the RDA-L listserv, RDA issues will certainly be on my mind from here on. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of a new standard. Since I won’t be retiring any time soon, as the RDA joke goes, I’m ready to get acquainted for the start of what will likely be a long-lasting cataloger-cataloging standard relationship. Bring it on!

Also, if you didn’t catch my photo post earlier, I am a librarian with Pearle Vision glasses, thank you very much.

And show your libraries some love this week: stop in and say hi to the staff and use those resources and services! Happy National Library Week!

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