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There’s a subject heading for that?!: in time for the holiday parties

Office romances are a taboo topic, if not out-right banned in some workplaces. Who knew that LC felt the same way? But there’s a twist.

This is one of those that in my searching for just the right sub. head. that I might stumble upon; and this one in particular I had to track it down once I set eyes on it. In my search for “office romance” all I got was:

“sex in the workplace”

Kinda like how if a relationship isn’t Facebook official, it doesn’t really count, there can be no office romance without sex. Thought that passing notes at work, maybe chatting endearingly with your bo, or batting eyes near the water cooler counted as an office romance–think again, when it come to LCSH! Either go all the way or don’t bother.

Since holiday parties are fast approaching, it seemed like a great time to bring out this gem. Forget cooing next to the punch bowl at the holiday party. Find the nearest unoccupied closet, or private office if you dare, otherwise give up your dreams of a platonic office romance, because according to LCSH that doesn’t exist.

Happy holidays, and please don’t spike the punch!

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