There’s a Subject Heading for That?!: Stuffed Foods (Cooking)

15 Oct

Alright, after today’s loss again Sparty, UMich fans might need a pick-me-up. At least for the LIS speciality at SI, this should take your mind off it for a bit and give you something to laugh about. (Look, how can you beat a team that comes prepared for am all out battle when we just thought it was a football game? Anyway, on to cataloging–Go Blue!)

When I came across this subject heading, I was perplexed and could hardly believe it was true. It makes sense but it’s still goofy and makes me laugh even now. And probably will as long as it’s a sub. head. and I’m a cataloger.

What I want to know is why was “stuffed foods (cooking)” created?

Seriously, doesn’t “ravioli” or “cannoli” or “taco” just need a self-referring subject then maybe a type of culinary food that it belongs to? Do we really need “stuffed foods (cooking)” as a catch-all? It seems any especially broad heading, for sure. There are 29 items in the LC catalog that use it, though mostly they are about wraps so why isn’t there a “wraps” headings instead? Alas, that is not the case. From a quick glance, the only item that is entirely about stuffed foods as a category is Stuff it! by Lora and Max Brody.

The subject heading works great when it comes to the authorities, though, since it collects various foods. Not everything has a narrower term, which would be helpful for ravioli, wraps, etc. that get left out otherwise. Or should that be leftover?

LC Authorities screenshot for "stuffed foods (cooking)"

A cool thing about this one is that it was part of the switch when “cookery” became “cooking.” And so did some of its narrower terms, yet not all of them. As catalogers know, and probably many librarians in general, too, even patterns aren’t always followed in cataloging when these are set up. For some reason, only a couple of the terms are qualified further rather than all. This is the whole list, too, which feels to me that it is lacking some obvious narrower terms but again, that’s what happens. Where are the “samosas” and “wraps” and would “corn dogs” count? I’m sure someone has written a book about corn dogs–especially State Fair ones from all around the US? *quick search* Well, Amazon shows a couple of corn dog books but nothing like a State Fair food tour of them…hmm, this might need to be remedied; as you may have figured out, I love a good corn dog now and then. And turkey legs. Next summer, I might just have to visit my parents in MN during Fair time. Yum!

Alright, I’ll stuff it on stuffed foods for now. Just remember this sub. head. next time when you’re cataloging a book about stuffed peppers and mushroom caps–you’ll know just what to use!

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