Building a New Routine: A Personal Update

05 Jul

Lately life’s been up in the air. My husband and I, both recent MSI graduates, landed jobs but in different locations, which has meant a lot of extra work.

Today was my first day at ProQuest as a Catalog Librarian. The day went well and I look forward to working with all the wonderful people there and building my professional career. Cataloging is both an art and a skill that every place does differently, though there are some standards; I’ll enjoy learning all the preferences and methods used at ProQuest–nerdy, I know but hey, I’m a cataloger. They are bound to keep me busy, that’s for sure, but I’m more than ready for the challenge.

Steve had his second day as the Emerging Technologies Librarian at the College of Wooster today, which I’m sure went well since we have yet to talk today. Wooster is in Ohio and is an adorably cute town with local–as well as chain–restaurants and stores since it seems to be a mini-hub for the region. He’s in a nice neighborhood and it’ll be fun to get to know the town. Their Main Street branch public library is amazing, btw.

With Steve in Wooster, that leaves me in Ann Arbor. AADL received props for being a well-used library. We are all set when it comes to libraries, with great public ones and area college/university libraries. In wanting to both build our careers, we took the jobs in different locations and are three hours apart. That means weekend commutes to see each other and one huge perk is getting to know two great towns. As UM students, we ran around Ann Arbor a bit but now without homework, there’s no excuse not to enjoy this city to its fullest. Thank goodness for Skype!

So that’s what’s been keeping me busy this past month. Now that life’s finally settling down and a new routine is beginning, it shouldn’t be another month before I get a post up–then again, the weather is so nice that it’s hard to justify sitting at a computer during my free time…

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