Welcome to my new blog!

10 May

Change is constant in the world of flux that we live in, especially when it comes to technology and information. At the moment there is much change in my life and I’ve decided to seize the opportunity and act. Since LibraryLand embraces WordPress, from what I’ve noticed, I figured it was worth a shot–plus Tumblr ate a post of mine the other night and didn’t save any draft versions so it’s lost in the abyss somewhere.

My current vision is to keep this blog as my professional library blog, with posts related to libraries and librarianship. Fair warning–I’m a cataloger and tech services librarian, but many topics interest me. Heard of a little thing called #hcod lately? I wrote a term paper on it recently and am still keeping up with the issue, fascinated by the different stances and arguments.

Hope you return to keep up with me, and as my career unfolds as a new librarian. I’ll post links to new blog posts via twitter–check my Tweet, Tweet! in the sidebar or visit me @readwritelib.

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